Denver Internet Initiative

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We're going to opt out of SB-152 and bring municipal gigabit fiber to Denver. Let's take back our voice, our choice, and our Internet!

Why does this matter to Denver?

1. Net Neutrality

The Internet as we know it is under attack. Our federal representatives are failing us when it comes to protecting the Internet’s open nature. Big Telecoms want to strip it down and part it out to maximize their profits. By opting out of Senate Bill 152 we can take control of our Internet here in Denver County through infrastructure ownership and strategic partnerships with private businesses.

2. Emerging Wireless Health Risks

In an effort to get around SB-152, Denver County is heavily investing in wireless 5G infrastructure. 5G technology is a welcome advancement, but emerging science shows that wireless technology both inside and outside the home can have negative long term health consequences and potentially impact child development. We need to pursue other options for responsibly upgrading our infrastructure - like the much safer alternative, fiber optic cable.

3. Planning for the Future

As Denver faces it’s growing pains head on, working to improve traffic and sewage systems, we need to put effort into improving our Internet infrastructure as well. We can’t rely on big businesses to ensure we have a top-notch system that meets the standards and needs of the new talent moving to our County. This system must be available to all residents of Denver regardless of income or location so that no one gets left behind as the emerging information gap grows.