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Our mission is to bring municipal fiber to Denver and to make sure that every resident is connected so that no one is left behind in the 21st century.

The Internet has grown from its humble beginnings as a neat toy to the backbone of society. We don’t just use the Internet to stay in touch or read the news, we use it for banking, job hunting, taking classes, watching movies, healthcare, and more.

There’s no denying that the Internet is important. Yet we leave its future in the hands of companies that act as near monopolies with no accountability. This leaves us paying too much for too little. Communities without Internet have little chance of thriving in this new century. We cannot let the Internet providers decide Denver’s fate. Let’s take back our voice, our choice, and our Internet!

Other reasons this matters to Denver

Net Neutrality

The Internet is under attack and our federal representatives are failing us. We can take control of it through infrastructure ownership and strategic partnerships with private businesses.

Planning for the Future

As Denver continues to grow we can’t rely on big businesses to ensure that we have a top-notch Internet infrastructure. We need to make sure that, regardless of income or location, all residents are connected so that no one gets left behind.

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